01 September, 2010

Freshwater Fish Egg Incubators II

There are at least 3 types of fish incubators presently used in Philippine aquaculture namely:

1)      Bed type incubator- this is commonly used for the hatching of adhesive type fish eggs like the Asian and African Catfish and Pangasius. With the addition of a substrate for egg attachment like a bunched yarn,  “kakaban” or water lily roots, the same bed type incubator are used for the hatching of Common Carp, Japanese koi, and goldfish.

            A bed type incubator can be made up of concrete or marine plywood.  The size can be 
            around 1.5x5m.  For fishes that are induced to spawn and stripped with eggs like Hito, 
            a depth of 20 cm is sufficient.  However, depending on the size of the fish that are 
            naturally spawned like the Common Carp and Japanese Koi, a deeper tank maybe 

This type of incubator is provided with a strong water supply, drainage opposite the water supply and aeration to ensure proper water circulation in the entire surface of the incubator.

The disadvantages of this type of incubator are: 1) this is expensive to construct, 2) It consumes a lot of space and 3) It consumes plenty of water.
(To be continued)


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